Radiant Ceiling Heat: Energy Usage Explained

Radiant ceiling heat supplies heat through radiant heat transfer. Radiant heat panels offer more energy saving than traditional electric heaters or heat pumps. Radiant heat can be the main source of heating or can be a supplementary heating source for certain areas.

Energy Savings

Ceiling mounted radiant heat panels are heated...

Radiant Floor Heating vs Baseboard Heating

Installing a heating system into your home can be a difficult decision, and you may be unsure whether to go for radiant floor heating or baseboard heating. There are advantages to both different types of heating system, so what you choose will depend upon the type of home that you have, and what of the advantages will suit you best.... read more >>

Radiant Floor Heating System vs Forced Air System

There are several differences between a radiant floor heating system and a forced air heating system. These two systems are distinct in almost every aspect from their installation to their method of operation.

Installation and Setup

A radiant floor heating system consists of metal pipes or coils under the floor. The pipes can carry... read more >>

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a popular method of keeping a warm room without relying upon radiators and central heating system. Unlike the traditional boiler and radiator system which warms most homes, the radiant floor heating system instead uses a series of hot water and pipes to carry heat through the flooring, warming feet rather than... read more >>

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