Installing Electric Radiant Heat Under The Floor

Using electric radiant heat underneath stone or tile floors is an energy-efficient way of providing comfortable heat an affordable price. In addition, electric radiator heat works very well as supplemental heating in bathrooms and entryways. Installing electric radiant heat under tile or stone floors is relatively simple, and involves... read more >>

Is it safe to attach heater thermostat wiring without gloves?

Attaching a heater thermostat wiring is a safe and easy process if you are careful and thoroughly follow instructions. It is not mandatory to wear gloves while wiring; in fact, you can get a better grip on the wires without gloves. Before you start the wiring, ensure you turn the electrical power off in the main power panel. Mark this... read more >>

Is a Steam Radiator Efficient Source of Heat?

A steam radiator uses old heating technology that is inefficient. It is water-based heating system that has either one or two pipes running from the furnace to each radiator. The design, size and operations of the system largely account for it is poor service. The heating equipments are commonly found in older homes. Newer residential... read more >>

Integrating the Heating and Cooling of Your Home

Many conventional home heating and cooling appliances perform a single function, such as space heating or cooling (heat pumps supply both space heating and cooling), water heating, or ventilation. Appliances that perform two or more of these functions, however, are becoming more popular. There are many different types of integrated... read more >>

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