Installing an Electric Water Heater Timer

An electric water heater timer makes great financial sense. Water heaters will run all the time to keep your water hot. However, an electric water heater timer will only let the water heater run at specific times during the day. You can have it turn on in the morning for your shower and again at night for any hot water needs. There is... read more >>

Installing Baseboard Radiators

Baseboard radiators provide heat more inexpensively than a furnace does. The baseboard area in a room is a great place to install a heating system because hot air rises. Heating a room from the floor up is a very efficient use of energy. Water boiling in a tank heated by gas, oil or electric is transmitted through a separate plumbing... read more >>

Installing a Wall Furnace

If you want to supplement the heating within your home, you may consider installing a wall furnace. Gas wall furnaces are capable of operating using natural gas, and this is an efficient and clean burning fuel.

Installing Your Wall Furnace

First and foremost you need to choose a gas wall furnace that is going to meet your... read more >>

Installing an Instant Water Heater

Providing hot water on demand, an instant hot water heater can be an extremely useful thing to have in any home. Instant hot water heaters are different from the traditional tank water heaters. The traditional heaters heat up water slowly and then store it for later usage. An instant hot water heater can save money since there are no... read more >>

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