Radiant Flooring Heat Limitations

Radiant flooring heat is a useful feature in a home. It is usually enabled by hot water tubing installed in the floor. Electrical systems can also be used to provide heating. Cables may be installed beneath the floor or electrical mats laid on the floor. Radiant heating boosts the degree of comfort in the house. The flexibility associated... read more >>

Installing and Using a Wall Panel Heater

A panel wall heater provides a more efficient heating system to the home or a room without having to spend too much on energy consumption. A panel wall heater is easy to install and does not need to fill up a large space in a room because of its relatively small size.

Installing a Panel Wall Heater

The installation process for...

Installing a Central Heating System

Installing a central heating system is a big job. You'll be putting in an entire system and it’s going to be especially big if there’s no existing system to replace. However, although many people would call an HVAC engineer to do the work, it is something you can undertake yourself.

Tools and Materials Needed:
  • Saw
  • Sheet...

    Radiant Floor Heat Installation: 4 Tips

    Taking the time to complete radiant floor heat installation will end those days of waking up to cold floors, especially in the bathroom where you're going to be barefoot part of the time. To get your radiant floor heat instillation underway, keep these 8 tips in mind.

    Tip 1: Installation Plan

    Start your radiant floor heat project...

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