Problems that Occur with Misplaced Electric Water Heater Drip Tube

Electric water heater is a type of water heater found in residential applications. A typical water heater can hold anywhere between 50 and 70 gallons. As time has gone on, the water heater size has increased in order to provide ample hot water for a family that may use the hot water in tandem. A hot water heater has a drip tube. The... read more >>

Pros and Cons of an Electric Wall Heater

An electric wall heater is a handy device if you want to warm select rooms in your house. The appliance is installed on the interior walls. It basically consists of an electric element, a reflector and a fan. As the element heats up, the fan circulates the heated air through the heater. The warm air is then transferred into the room... read more >>

Proper Disposal of Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant heating is becoming a very popular form of energy-efficient heating in the US, and most systems use a series of radiant heat panels under the flooring or hanging from the ceiling. Radiant heat panels are a popular choice as they are usually made from sustainable products, and have very long life-cycles. While radiant heating... read more >>

Propane Heater Safety: How to Repair a Propane Leak

To know how to repair a propane heater safety, first you need to understand more about propane and its properties. Propane heaters are common household appliances, installed both inside and outside houses. Known as the LPG or the liquefied petroleum gas, propane is a widely used source of fuel use for cooking, indoor and outdoor warming... read more >>

Programmable and Automatic Thermostats

In our modern, high-tech society, we don't think much about some of the electronic gadgets in our homes. Take, for example, the ever-present thermostat - a staple of American households for decades. It usually takes the shape of an unassuming box on the wall, but that modest device controls the comfort of your family on the coldest... read more >>

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