Planning a Home Addition: Heating System Considerations

Adding on an addition to your home is a big job that involves lots of planning and considering the heating system you'll be using in that addition is not something to forget. Whether you're adding on to make room for your expanding family, to raise the potential price of your home if you choose to sell it, or just to give you and your... read more >>

Portable vs Mounted Electric Garage Heaters: Pros and Cons

The types of electric garage heaters available to you include a wide range of both radiant and convection heaters. Rated for different size spaces to heat, some are mountable while others are portable. Given that the heating requirements for each garage are different, one type of electric garage heater may be more suitable than the other.... read more >>

Planning to Install Radiant Floor Heating Mats

Floor heating mats use heat radiation to effectively warm a room. These are either powered by electricity or have special tubes that are connected to a boiler system. Installing floor heating mats is a very technical job and requires a lot of skill on your part. The article below is aimed at providing you with tips that will help you... read more >>

Planning a Hydronic Heating System for Your Home

The hydronic heating system, used both in residential and commercial buildings, uses hot water supplied by the boiler to heat the space. The system might use one of several kinds of heat distributors to do this, but the most popular version is placed under the floor. A hydronic heating system can help you save hundreds of dollars in... read more >>

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