Outdoor Heaters

By Murray Anderson

Enjoy being outdoors with your family and friends? Hate it when the weather gets too cold for you to have outdoor barbecues or dinners? Well here's a sure-fire way to extend your outdoor patio season - get yourself a patio heater. Sure the idea of outdoor heating isn't new. People have been siting around... read more >>

Pick a Heat Register that Functions Well while Looking Good

A heat register is put in place to cover the hole where the ductwork for the heat comes out. Registers can be found for the floor, wall and baseboard. A heat register has very little effect on the flow of the heat because the pressure produced by the fans is enough to push the heated air through. Most register options can be found in... read more >>

Pellet Stove Vs. Wood Stove For Home Heating

A pellet stove works on the same principle of a wood burning stove. It burns fuel to give off heat through a blower to heat a room or full home. Instead of logs or kindling, a pellet stove burns small manufactured 'pellets' made of sawdust and wood particles.

Pellet stoves are rapidly gaining popularity, edging out wood-burning stoves... read more >>

Passive Solar Heating Design Ideas

Passive solar heating uses the sun’s energy without the aid of electricity-producing panels. The most important aspect of passive solar heating is the design and layout of the home. Passive solar heated homes incorporate a combination of open, south-facing walls, absorbent materials, good ventilation systems and a layout that best... read more >>

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