Lower Utility Bills With a New Thermostat

By Dave Donovan

High electric bills getting you down? Do you run and hide when the gas bill comes in the mail? With the rising costs of fuel and electricity, energy conservation is a highly discussed topic in most households today. According to thermostat manufacturer Honeywell, you may be able to save up to 35 percent on your annual... read more >>

Maintain the Radiators on Your Home Heating System

By Shawna L. Krautheim
Whether you heat your home with a forced-air system, a hot-water system or a steam heating system, it's important to have your heating unit inspected and maintained once a year by a qualified, licensed professional. Giving you peace of mind, as well as keeping your family safe, proper furnace maintenance... read more >>

Maintaining Wall Radiant Heat

Wall radiant heat is one of the best systems of radiant heating due to its consistency. It runs smoothly without noise. Unlike other modes of heating, it does not produce hot condition by baking the air. It is one of the best radiant heating systems.

Checklist of the Requirements for Maintenance

Ensuring your room’s wiring...

Maintaining a Hot Water Boiler

A hot water boiler is the appliance that provides hot water to your entire house. Although nowadays a hot water boiler seems commonplace, life without it would be immensely uncomfortable. Just imagine the following scene: It is early in the morning in the middle of the winter. You slip out of the cozy embrace of your bed and go into... read more >>

Maintaining a Baseboard Heater

Maintaining a baseboard heater will ensure your home always has a warmth that is all embracing. If installed properly, using electric baseboard heaters are one of the most economical and efficient home heating systems you can install. This is especially true for many older homes where installation of expensive air-based systems can cause... read more >>

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