Knowing the Different Working Parts of Your Electric Furnace

An electric furnace has several different parts. While it is not recommended that you become familiar with all of them, you should at least learn some of the more important ones. This way, should your electric furnace ever break down or have any issues, you will be able to know what to look for. The more that you know about the parts... read more >>

Long-Term Effects of Radiant Heating on Furniture

Radiant heating can be an efficient and effective way of heating a room. Radiant heating technology allows the floor, walls and furniture to be warmed, rather than heating the air. This means that much less energy is expended in creating the same amount of warmth. However, there are some drawbacks to using a radiant heating method, one... read more >>

Learning Boiler Blowdown Control

Water passing into the boiler must be treated with chemicals in order to protect the metals from corrosion. These chemicals enter the boiler along with the feedwater that has been cleaned, and help not only to purify water, but also to maintain a high quality of steam within the boiler. Once the water has been treated, these chemicals... read more >>

Knowing What Size Air Vent to Use for a Boiler

When installing or upgrading a boiler, it’s very important to know what size and type of venting system is required to properly and effectively vent the gases of combustion from the boiler. Boilers are categorized by vent category. There are 4 different categories of boilers and each type has its own requirements as to construction... read more >>

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