Problems that Occur with Misplaced Electric Water Heater Drip Tube

Electric water heater is a type of water heater found in residential applications. A typical water heater can hold anywhere between 50 and 70 gallons. As time has gone on, the water heater size has increased in order to provide ample hot water for a family that may use the hot water in tandem. A hot water heater has a drip tube. The drip tube in the water heater is responsible for making sure the cold water goes to the bottom of the water heater to warm up before traveling through the house piping. Below are several problems associated with a missing electric water heater drip tube.

1 - Water not Hot

When a drip tube is missing, you do not get ample hot water to the house fixtures. Without the drip tube, the water that enters into the hot water heater just enters from the top and does not get forced down to the bottom of the unit to heat up before exit into the house fixtures.

2 - Sediment Filters Up

Without water circulating from the bottom to the top of the water heater, the sediment will begin to settle in the bottom of the water heater and the water heater will not last as long.

Propane Heater Safety: Advantages of Using a Ventless Propane Heater

Because there are many propane heaters available in the market today, it is wise to learn a few propane heater safety tips. Heaters are equipment commonly installed in houses, especially on areas located in temperate places. Read on to learn some of the advantages of a ventless propane heater over a vented model or a fireplace.


The ventless propane heater is mobile, which means you may use at anytime and at any place you prefer. You can carry it with you when you go out camping or if you need to warm up different areas in the house. It features handiness and easy access to your desired temperature.

Another good thing about propane heater is that when you ran out of propane, you do not need an expert to refill it up for you, because the fuel is readily available everywhere.


Though many question its safeness, a ventless propane heater is safe to use, just as long as it has been properly installed and well maintained. However for more safety measure, you should install a device called the ODS that automatically turns off the unit if the oxygen level inside the room drops.

Most importantly, you should never keep your propane heater running when sleeping. Have it inspected regularly.