Planning to Install Radiant Floor Heating Mats

Floor heating mats use heat radiation to effectively warm a room. These are either powered by electricity or have special tubes that are connected to a boiler system. Installing floor heating mats is a very technical job and requires a lot of skill on your part. The article below is aimed at providing you with tips that will help you plan for this project.

A Few Important Precautions

To install heating mats, you will either have to remove a layer of wooden flooring in the case of a wooden floor or break through the concrete flooring if that is what you have. In both cases, use the power tools involved with great caution and make sure that you are familiar with their control and function. In addition, make sure that you consult a certified technician to ensure a safe heating system, especially in cases of water-based heating systems. Once these precautions have been noted, move on to the next step.

Purchasing the Required Equipment

It is recommended that you research on the Internet to learn about power tools that are appropriate for the job at hand. Purchase good quality heating mats, as low quality ones can lead to multiple safety issues. Remember to keep safety an absolute priority. Also purchase a good quality programmer that will allow complete control over heat distribution. Since these programmers come in many models, be sure to purchase one that is compatible with your heating system.

Correctly Installing the Heating Mats on the Floor

Aluminum panel is to be used for this job. Make sure that it is corrosion resistant so as to ensure a maximum working life of the heating system. Guide the power cables or water inlet and outlet pipes free of the installation site to ensure that they can be properly connected.

Making the Required Connections

If the heating system uses a boiler as its source, tightly connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the water main. Make sure that the system is set at a proper water pressure and there is no air lock, otherwise the mat will fail to efficiently heat a room. The method to remove air locks is not a part of this article, but can be found researching the Internet. In the case of an electrical system, connect the power main to the power input of the heating mat. Make sure that this connection is sound and not near water. Once this is done, move on to connecting the programmer.

Connecting the Programmer

These devices give you more control over the amount of heating. After purchasing a compatible programmer, ask a trained technician to help you install it. After its installation, however, it is recommended that you check it thoroughly before paying the technician.

Testing the Heating Mat before Sealing the Floor

Turn on the heating system and wait for an hour to ensure proper heating of the mat. Feel the air above the heating mat to see if it is warm. Check all connections thoroughly and make sure that there are no leakages. Only after you have made these changes should you move on to sealing the floor over the heating mats.

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