Oil Central Heating Systems vs Gas Central Heating Systems

When making a decision to use an oil central heating system or a gas central heating system, there many factors consider. Make sure that you understand the difference between the two and that you understand which one will work suit your needs best.


In most of the United States and much of Europe, gas is the preferred method of heating. It is simple because people need only worry about keeping the bill paid to keep their heat going. Gas is also inexpensive and easily accessible. There are many options when it comes to heating your home with gas. Whether it is natural gas or propane, they are both fairly inexpensive and simple ways to keep your home warm. It is also important to keep in mind that as time passes, the price as well as the availability of this method could be compromised. Any type of gas heating appliance that you have will require yearly maintenance. This should help you to get a better idea of how much it is costing you as the years go by.


Oil central heating is most often found in the northeastern parts of the United States. Oil is a very old method of heating; it replaced charcoal. Today, oil heating systems are being replaced by gas systems. The main reason that people are using oil less is because it will require a burner system that is more sophisticated than those that would require simple gas. Since oil systems are more complicated, they are usually much more expensive than the other systems that require gas. Oil on the other hand is a lot safer when it comes to storing since it is much more difficult to ignite than gas. However, a gas leak is extremely dangerous while an oil leak is very expensive.


When comparing the two systems, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind. Oil may be more expensive when it comes to the system itself and should there be a leak, it is much safer. Gas is less expensive; the systems are also relatively inexpensive. Even though gas is not as inexpensive as the gas companies want you to believe, it is still less expensive than oil. Oil is safer to have in your home but the price of safety is sometimes more than some people can afford. While gas is more dangerous, you can take preventive measures to ensure you are safe in your home.