jh Radiant Floor Heating Installation Costs

The cost to install radiant floor heating in your home depends on certain factors. Where the heating coils will be installed, the size of the area and whether the installation is part of a renovation or new construction are all factors that must be taken into account when determining the cost for radiant floor heating.

About Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating provides a way to keep a room warm from the bottom up, especially in areas of the country where winters can be cold. The ability to step on a heated bathroom or kitchen floor when the outside temperatures have fallen can make living in your home more comfortable and bearable. The heat is delivered through coils that are embedded into the sub-flooring and deliver a precise amount of warmth through a controller.

Cost of Radiant Heating

To determine the cost of radiant floor heating for your home, you need to the know the size of the area where the heat will be installed. A larger room will require more coils and a more expensive installation than a smaller one. This consideration should be factored in when considering radiant floor heating.

Another consideration is the amount of renovation that needs to be done to the room and replacement costs associated with putting a new floor down once the heating coils have been placed. Understand that the flooring will need to be taken up in order to install the radiant heat coils. This could add considerably to your costs and you will need to decide if the project is worth the added expense.

A contractor can provide you with a good estimate of costs. You should consider several bids before making a decision to have the radiant floor heating installed.