Is it safe to attach heater thermostat wiring without gloves?

Attaching a heater thermostat wiring is a safe and easy process if you are careful and thoroughly follow instructions. It is not mandatory to wear gloves while wiring; in fact, you can get a better grip on the wires without gloves. Before you start the wiring, ensure you turn the electrical power off in the main power panel. Mark this with a masking tape so that no one turns the power back on while the reinstallation process is underway. Remove the wires from the older thermostat, and match them to the color codes of the new thermostat. Carefully reattach the thermostat wires to the furnace and the proper terminals as per the instructions.

Is Electric Wall Radiant Heat Reliable?

Electric wall radiant heat is one of the most popular method of heating. The heat will be radiated outward if they are opposed to rise towards the sources. They are placed in the walls to maximize the effectiveness of the heat in the room.

It is reliable for most of the people because of the following features:


It is odorless and does not deliver much noise when compared with other types of systems.

Heat Distribution

It distributes the warmness all over your home with uniform temperature and creates natural circulation of warmth as it is placed on all the sides of wall.

Cost Efficiency

Wall type of Radiant System are more costly, but once installed it can last even up to 20 years more than normal forced air systems. They are more economical and reliable.


It has no moving part and so it requires only little maintenance which will automatically reduce your annual service bill to some extent.


Be patient for a day or two for the actual process to start as it needs some time to begin with the heating process. In some cases, people get irritated and start adding thermostats which delivers more extra heat which leads to dwelling.