Proper Disposal of Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant heating is becoming a very popular form of energy-efficient heating in the US, and most systems use a series of radiant heat panels under the flooring or hanging from the ceiling. Radiant heat panels are a popular choice as they are usually made from sustainable products, and have very long life-cycles. While radiant heating is generally a better and more environmentally friendly way of warming a room, not everyone likes it, and some radiant heat systems are being discarded. In addition, radiant heat panels can sometimes need to be replaced, or discarded for a new system. In either case, the panels will need to be disposed of in a proper, responsible way.


Radiant heat panels are typically strongly made and sturdy, and are usually constructed of metals and plastics which can be broken down and converted into other items. This makes them ideal for recycling and re-use in a green environment. Rather than disposing of the radiant panels, you could use of them in the home and garden for other purposes. Heat panels made of metal could be used outside to help protect vegetables, or even used as part of a compost bin. You could also use plastic or man-made materials to shore up holes in outside buildings, or as an additional layer for roofs. Even if you can't think of a use for them now, you might be able to donate them to someone who can.

Metal radiant heat panels can also be taken to recycling depots, and handed over for conversion into other items. This service is usually free, so it is a good way of saving money, too. Most panels, for ceilings or floors, are made of large amounts of re-usable metals, which makes them ideal for recycling.


Another method of disposing of your unwanted radiant heat panels is by sending them back to the manufacturer. The metals contained in your ceiling panels will still be valuable. Sometimes, you can get vouchers in exchange for this, as companies break down your old panels for parts or simply send them out for recycling. You can probably find the address of a supplier on the packaging supplied with the panel, or by looking online for their central address. They may also provide a pick-up service, although you will probably have to pay for this. Try speaking to them about different methods of disposal or collection, as they may have suggestions.


You can dispose of your radiant heat panels by asking the local trash collection services to pick it up, although there will certainly be a charge for this. You should not just put your panels out for the trash, as most garbage disposal machines are not equipped to consume radiant panels. Panels may also be taken directly to garbage dumps. Trash companies may also be able to advise you on alternative methods of disposing of your panels, but they will come and collect it if you feel that these alternatives are not suitable for yourself.